The Art of Covering Books with Plastic

I find it extremely difficult to read a book unless it is covered in plastic. 

Call it an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or whatever you want, but I am proud to say that I very lovingly and carefully cover ALL my books–hardbound or not– before reading them. Even my To-Be-Read pile are all dust- and semi-water proof.

Doing so saved my personal copy of Summer Feels which I left at the hotel terrace so I could take a shower. When I got dressed, and found out it was raining heavily outside, I almost screamed knowing my book was there, probably soaking under the rain! But I’m so relieved that my copy wasn’t damaged or anything.

Normally, I do it upon reaching home from a bookish event or an accidental trip to the bookstore. Or the morning after (because I’m still reeling from the feels of the events and couldn’t do anything but live tweet or something, hahaha).

My fiance’s graphic novels also receive the same treatment. Except for the comic books–the super thin ones that come out periodically. Because he still keeps them in the plastic packets they came with which is good enough for me.

I learned the art of covering my books way back in grade school. Right after enrollment and my mother and I would take home all the books needed for the school year, we’d clean up the dining table and cut and fold plastic covers. She doesn’t use tapes to keep the cover in place (except for the individual Cattleya notes, that is).

Although I’m not anywhere as good as my mom, I’m still glad her OC-ness rubbed off on me.

So here’s the video of what I learned from my mother.