FeelsBlog: Summer Crush by Jay E. Tria, Tara Frejas and Six de los Reyes

I call this collab ‘The Powerhouse Trio’. Yep, I’m calling this that. Jay, Tara and Six just have mad skills in writing, peeps! And for them to come up with one music festival where all their music/band-related characters meet is just mind-blowing. You gotta have an ebook copy AND a print copy.

They had all emphasized that their short stories are all stand-alones. But in my opinion, you’ve gots ta read the related novels to have more background, to better understand where the characters are coming from. Not required but highly recommended. Welp, I do believe that after reading Summer Crush, you’d be compelled to read the related works. Read them before or after this anthology, it doesn’t matter. Summer Crush is still awesome! It’s like one of those Marvel movies where you have to stay ’til the end credits because there’s a surprise. In this case, you have to read cover to cover, hahaha.


What to look forward to?

  • The cameos! I had already prepared myself for situations where characters from all three universes will meet and interact. And everytime they did, I would spazz all over. It was sensory overload of the good kind.
  • Pislabrakenrol dude with the Hawaiian Glee, Banana Bliss and Watermelon Wonder, hahaha. Cracks me up all the time.
  • New original songs by the authors
  • R singing. With M. OMG. Is it just me hearing Chainsmokers when I think of this?
  • The After Party! Would you believe it, there is one!


You Only Need Reminding by Jay E Tria

I have only very recently figured out a way to describe Jay’s writing style. It’s poetic. Is there a way for her works to be read in a Spoken Word event. Especially the songs which she wrote for Trainman. Or better yet, can someone create the music already because Jay could produce volumes of CD for Trainman.

This story tells us…

  • Of the life of someone who is out there to achieve her dreams all at the same time. Right after graduating from college, I also had a plan that before I hit 30 I must already have a condo unit, a car, a million in my bank account, a boyfriend. But along the way, I understood that it doesn’t happen that way. That we need to take one day at a time, conquer one dream at a time. Otherwise, we’d be working ourselves to death.

“Because once she grows up and has to pretend to be an adult, sleep becomes a rare gift nobody wants to give you.”

  • That stress makes us say things we don’t really mean. Like when we’re mad or sad. I’ve got to give it to Mr. Mikhail No-Last-Name for being there.

“Sometimes you need to be a runaway.”

  • That guys tell their friends about love problems too. It was only mentioned but I appreciated that unlike Ana, Miki didn’t keep his problems nor tried to solve them by himself.

Confession. I’m not a fan of grand gestures. So I like that Miki did not announce that the song was dedicated to Ana. It was a private and sacred thing for both of them, I almost got teary-eyed. (I’m still in that time of the month, btw).

Another confession. I know I’d mentioned this in twitter or somewhere else but even after reading Songs To Get Over You, I could already strongly relate with Ana as I see a lot of myself in her; and ze boyfriend in Miki. But this short story set it in stone. I think if there’s a #romanceclass story that is almost similar to mine, it’s Ana and Miki’s story. Minus the band, hahaha.


Almost There by Tara Frejas

Tara is a certified fangirl who has immersed herself in the world of Korean pop culture. With a Filipino being wooed by Korean hotties–one the leader of the band she’s managing, and another a former model– it’s wish fulfillment for all of us who had foreign celebrity crushes!

Even when Fi has already made her choice, I still feel torn. There’s still the ‘what-ifs’ that lingers in my head.

Almost there, in one word, is bittersweet because of the following reasons:

  • It’s not easy to move on from silently loving someone from afar even when you’re already in a new relationship. I mean, years of pining over an idol who suddenly realizes he wants to be with you can be really confusing.

“How can you blame a star for shining somewhere else?’

  • It’s also not easy to move on from someone you realize you want to be with but you’re a tad too late because she’s already with someone else. Yeah, sucks. But like they say, you don’t know what you have until you lose them.
  • It’s not easy to move on when you have to work with the two people involved. Can’t get any more complicated and awkward than that.

Let me take my time to appreciate Gabriel (and his abs, thank you to the long thread of Tweets), and his efforts. This is the guy who truly loves a girl because he crosses oceans just to be with the girl. Gabe-oppa really deserves his reward. Packs of Shok-noot wouldn’t cut it! Let’s put that Hawaiian Glee to good use!


Ocean Eyes by Six de los Reyes

Six is a genius. I get that everytime I read her works. Her words breathe the life she lives and you can’t help but be mesmerized.

In her contribution to this anthology, we get to see how a high introvert’s mind works. In Personality colors, I believe Rhys is high red (goal-oriented) and high green (detail-oriented) which is a double kill because both colors are low on social skills, hahahaha.

In Japanese, Rhys is the perfect Tsundere. Toughie on the outside, softie on the inside. But she only got to show that in Ocean Eyes. Maybe it’s the result of managing Arabella and spending time with her friends Nico and Ice. But yes, good job Little Miss Boss. You’ve proven to us that you’re human!

I’m just so relieved and glad that she finally has decided on a lot of things in this story–step out of the comfort zone, reach out to people, and finally that long overdue relationship with the boy who truly loves her.

“I want you to choose me.”


This collaboration/anthology is a satisfying read that when you finish the whole thing, you’d want to just lie down and let the waves carry you along with the feels. If you’re at the beach, that is. If not, then… lying down on the bed and dreaming of it would do, I guess, hehehe.




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