FeelsBlog: All That Glitters by Ines Bautista-Yao

I honestly do not know where to start after reading this. I had so many feels and thoughts about the newest book of Ms. Ines that I decided, it’s my fave among all her works.

One thing I love about all her stories is how she perfectly sets the mood for every scene. She does not merely show where the characters are but she engages her readers’ senses to visualize everything and emotionally prepares them for the next scene.

“All that Glitters” is no exception to that. The description is always on-point and it allows the readers to be in the same scene almost like a participant or a guest, and not just a spectator or simply a reader. While reading I had imagined myself like a spirit hovering around the characters and eavesdropping, hahaha.

Plus, it’s not just about romance and friendship and dreams. At one point I thought I was reading a #heistclub thing, hahaha. Which is

But how did I conclude that ATG is now my new fave?

1. Tarsiers

Because I’m a sucker for cute things and this little primate falls in this category hahaha. Also it reminds me of Bohol where I first saw one in person. I remember getting reprimanded at a tour in Bohol that we shouldn’t use camera flashes because it would stress them out. Although I wonder why, out of all the more ferocious creatures in kingdom animalia, Ms. Ines chose tarsiers as the mascot of the school when they hardly could terrorize anyone. Maybe it has something to do with the saying ‘small but terrible’ which could be translated to ‘never underestimate anyone’. Now that I think about it, it could also be a reference to Billie and her friends who were students and who had to stand up against a powerful man. Anyway, Go Tarsiers!


2. Iñigo

I had been fascinated by this name when I first heard it somewhere. It has an elegant ring to it. When Iñigo Antonio was first described in the first chapter…–Mr. Adonis with a voice that sounded like caramel which you could never say ‘no’ to)…it was how I exactly imagined a guy named Iñigo. And as I read through the whole story, I realized, he was a personification of ‘All that Glitters’. And I get why Billie was so head over heels for him…but… (yeah, there’s always this word) there’s a catch. Which you will have to figure out on your own, hehe.


3. Carlos

Where to start with this guy? Hmm… I knew right off the bat that he likes Billie. Pink Pixie Patricia just threw me off a bit but I knew it was intentional to make him and Billie realize things. Anyway, Carlos, Carlos, Carlos…he’s your ideal boyfriend and/or best friend who’s willing to wear the staple tarsier tshirt with you, talk about dreams, take you to an observatory and just y’ know, watch the stars, give you the hug you need and stand up and fight for you no matter what. Yudaman, Carlos!

Also… the name of the main character I’m working on is Karlos Iñigo, and this story has both names as different characters haha.


4. Hal and Anna Gomez

They are the ideal politicians that should always be in position. They walk the talk and they genuinely care for the welfare of the less fortunate. This couple portray what politicians and their families should and should not do. I’m pretty sure they could never be bribed nor would they resort to bribing someone just to have things go their way. I really hope we’ll have more of them in the government.

I also appreciate the fact that they considered Billie’s thoughts on the speech rather than go with the ‘polished’ version. Again, a trait of a government leader that we need–someone who would listen and consider the opinion of a common civilian who is directly affected by imposed laws and do not have the power to oppose the influential.


5. Billie (Belinda)

She is just so relatable–the girl with big dreams who is open to opportunities to learn and experience something new which is applicable to all genders. Billie girl undergoes realistic situations and has realistic responses–getting starstruck by someone who is influential and powerful, willing to work with said powerful individual (because come on, rubbing elbows with someone who has connections over the world? Even I would agree to that!), only to realize that she’s suddenly in a dangerous situation she has to get out of.

This is the main reason why I loved this book.

Because Belinda’s story hit very close to home.

Just like her, I got myself in that same situation– excitedly jumping into the ocean of possibilities. Only to realize a tad too late there were sharks underneath.

Anyway, I’m really happy with the resolution. Credits to her friends too for helping her out.


In conclusion…

‘All That Glitters’ carries with it a warning to always be on guard because not all that glitters is gold. Most times, they are just shards of broken glass that could pierce us deeply. 



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