FeelsBlog: Someday With You by Ines Bautista-Yao

“ He still couldn’t let her go. And he didn’t think he ever could.”

My first read and ARC for 2017 and it’s a collection of works by a Filipino author, yay!
This collection speaks of hope. The title alone is a giveaway. And seeing the cover with the lovey-dovey couple made me think it was a light read.

But it took me a week to finish all three stories. Not because they were written poorly, okay? On the contrary, they were written so well, it was difficult to move on to the next one.

More to the point, the stories of Patrick, Toby (and Jake) and Andrew are all painful. I have repeatedly tweeted about this because reading the anthology felt like getting hit by a raging truck, recovering only to fall off a building and breaking my bones, before I got my peace of mind.

Just to be clear though, all three boys get their HEAs. Somehow. I won’t tell you how that happened. It’s for you to find out, hahaha.

Nevertheless, before they could even get their happy ever afters, multiple times I had wanted to slip into their worlds to give these boys a big and tight hug because they needed it, huhuhu.

“His breaking heart ached even more.” 

Mine, too, huhu.


Someday With You

Patrick’s story is the familiar friends-to-lovers trope and is very relatable. I’m pretty sure, at one point, we’ve been in this phase—falling for a friend and watching that friend fall for someone else. Which is just…Ouch!

“Because being around her made him happy.”

Many times while reading this, I wanted to repeatedly punch Patrick in the face just to knock sense into him that he needed to stop loving Andrea who had repeatedly scarred him. But truly, we couldn’t teach our hearts to stop beating for that one person. So we end up hoping, really hoping that we’d get that one chance to be with that very person. The same applied to Patrick.

“He lived for anything to do with Andrea.”

As this was written in Patrick’s POV, readers wouldn’t know what Andrea went through before she came to realize she had fallen in love with him too. Suffice it to say that I’m interested to read a spin-off written in Andrea’s POV this time, hahahaha.


One Last Thing

Toby’s story is the most painful in the collection. And my favorite too. Because unlike the other two, he couldn’t do anything for the girl he likes. He could only watch the inevitable happen–for Angela to move on with his friend, Jake, no less.

“How many times can a heart break before it can’t break anymore?” 

This story, I read in three days because the feels is just too much. It’s not just sympathizing with Angela and Miguel’s loss, or empathizing with Toby’s reluctance to leave her, but also hurting for the sake of Jake, the other guy. I couldn’t help but imagine how hard it was for him to stay on the sidelines the whole time and when he finally had the chance to show how much he cared for the same girl, it appears that the universe doesn’t want them to be together.

“She’ll always love you, man. I’ve accepted that.”

I liked how the people that Toby met are connected and I was satisfied with his version of HEA. And how he managed to help Miguel move on and move forward.

“You are where you need to be. You meet who you need to meet. That’s why everything works out so well in this world.”



Things I’ll Never Say

“…he couldn’t help looking at her that way. With his heart in his eyes.”

This is the lightest read in the collection. And it has a special place in my heart because I dig torpe guys and Andrew is exactly that type of guy. But unlike Patrick and Jake, the girl he’s pining for also liked him. But of course, he’s too dense to notice it himself, hahaha. He’s also too caught up in their working environment as young models since Penny is paired with a more good-looking guy. Talk about being the third wheel.

And it is for the same reason that Andrew is paralyzed when Penny told him about getting out of the whole modeling stint because how would he get to spend more time with her if the very reason that provided him that chance would be gone.

I’m glad that Penny decided to quit and Andrew was the first person she approached when she did. That gave Andrew the chance to confess and have my #PenDrew ship sailing!

“The only thing I’ve ever been sure of is you.”

Although, I wonder what happened to Zoya and Raffy. I was hoping they’d get more airtime too, hehe.


In conclusion, I didn’t regret having this collection as the first book I read for 2017!

Kudos Ms. Ines for yet another great work!






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