FeelsBlog: Settle The Score and Hustle Play by Tara Frejas

I read the story while in transit from Baguio to Manila yesterday. Headache be damned hahaha.

So what can I say about it aside from the spamming of tweets last night?

I love, love, LOVE IT!

Because of the following reasons:

1. It’s about basketball.

Basketball was the first sport that I loved. I used to watch PBA back when Robert Jaworski was still the playing coach for Ginebra. And then in college, I was a hard-core fan of my Alma Mater’s varsity team (never mind if they always land somewhere below the ranks).

Needless to say, ‘Settle the Score’ and ‘Hustle Play’ was right up my alley. Especially since the main character is Garnet Figueroa, the female basketball star of De La Sierra Lady Hunters. (Yes, it  does sound similar to an existing university in Metro Manila.) Like her other works, Tara Frejas’ skills in weaving words together clearly paint a picture of what’s happening in the story–basketball game/play included.

2. It’s about Friends-to-More than friends trope

Since this trope hits close to home and I feel like I could relate more to characters who were initially friends before deciding they both wanted more. I’m curious about how they choose to cross that line even if that would mean they couldn’t go back to the way things were. Personally, falling in love with your best friend would be one of the most difficult situations to be in.

Garnet and Charles’ story didn’t disappoint. I felt the pain when Charles doubted Garnet even when they had been friends longer than he had met Nica. And when Garns couldn’t focus on the games because she knew her friendship with Charlie had been severely affected just because she told him the truth. (I thought the precursor to this best-friendship-breakup was the kiss, but clearly, I was mistaken, hehe. Also, was it me or did Nica slap Garns for doing so and there were no details, just implied? I was expecting them to be the topic in SNS or something, hehehe).

Anyway, I also liked how they ‘made-up’ and how considerate Charles was to the whole thing. I seriously thought Chris (who vaguely reminds me of Chris Tiu, haha) would shake things up, but he didn’t which was also fine).

3. It’s written by Tara Frejas 

Need I say more?

I could distinctly remember the first time I met #romanceclass author, Tara Frejas. That was during the Books & Brew event at Eastwood Mall and she was manning the Romance Class booth together with another author who was a colleague in my former company. I was supposed to only buy my friend’s book but got intrigued by her then newly-released ‘Paper Planes Back Home’. As usual, I ended up buying more than one book that day.

I didn’t regret doing so because instantly, I became a fan.

More so when I found out that she is also a fan of a Korean variety show called “Running Man “.

That’s why when she sent out invites who wanted to join the Emerald Pep Rally for her new book, I immediately signed up for it. Did I say it’s my first time joining a blog tour? No? Well it is! Which made it even more exciting because I’d get to review Tara’s new book!

I hope y’all could get your copies too!

ATM. #romanceclass #feelsfest

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