FeelsBlog: Songs To Make You Stay by Jay E. Tria

I should be sleeping right now because I’m going back to work tomorrow. (It’s past midnight when I wrote this  btw). But I couldn’t contain my feels after reading Shinta’s story the whole day in between errands.

“Songs to Make You Stay” (STMYS) is the third of the Playlist Series written by Jay E. Tria. In case you’re wondering why I had not blogged about the first two…well…I started blogging just this Halloween and I’ve read “Songs of Our Breakup” (SOOBU) and “Songs to Get Over You” (STGOY) in the first half of the year. I still hadn’t figured out the benefits of blogging about my feelings after reading. Will try to back-read though.


I love reading Jay E. Tria’s works because of her writing style—almost poetic, full of emotions and descriptions you could see yourself in that same place the characters are in. And she defines each character so clearly too.

Like this this guy.

Shinta, Shinta, Shinta.

So far, among all the characters in the series, he intrigued me the most. Because what’s a hot Japanese actor doing in the circle of musicians, right? Also, his existence is a fan service to my Japanese culture-loving self. I was first a Japanese wannabe before I caught the Hallyu wave.

Also, I was curious about what he did while patiently waiting in the sidelines (along with Miki) for Jill to be single and available. STMYS clarified how different he was from Miki (who kept up with the best friend role).

I had thought people like him didn’t wait. They immediately act to get what they want even if that meant being the cause of a breakup.

But good guy Shinta-kun didn’t do that and just kept his eyes open for that opportunity before going for the kill—I mean, the girl. And I admired him for that. That’s why I understood Kim and Miki’s surprise by the end of SOOBU because everyone expected Miki to step up but was too safe, crazy Shinta got ahead.

And that’s it. Crazy beat safe. Because safe is normal. Safe is nothing special. While crazy makes the heart leap. Like what Shinta did to Jill. And to readers like me.

That’s why I didn’t root for Miki to be with Jill. From the start, I felt like he didn’t deserve her because she is, like what Shinta wrote in one if his “haikupiphanies”…

Don’t get me wrong, I sympathized with Miki. All the feels were in his story—the guy stuck in the friendzone. It hurt reading STGOY. But I was glad he ended up with another girl.

Going back to Shinta. I liked the fact that he’s so full of himself but when it came to Jill, he’d feel like he’s inadequate especially with their LDR. I loved that he’d cross oceans for her, do crazy plans with her, learn to get along with her people even if he knew he’d be friends with her ex and another guy who loved her and was always there for her. He walked the talk when he said:

Even when he probably lived with the constant fear that every time he was away, some other guy in the same circle could sweep Jill off her feet.

And then there’s a more pressing issue that burdened him: his career which would always interfere with his quality time with Jill.

It’s definitely a tough decision for him to make—to choose the girl above his career. But that’s what endeared him to me—that he’d go all-out for the woman he loved just to be with her. And I love the fact that he was going to school again to find out what else he could be good at.

I really thought the story would revolve around Shinta and Jill proving that long distance relationships work.

In a way it did. And then it stressed the significance of proximity to make a relationship work more. And I agree not because my own experience with LDR didn’t last long but because I believe that physical touch, physical presence is a hundred times better than emails, videocalls and chats. I mean, granted that technology has made it easier to communicate, the fact that being able to touch that person’s hand, to embrace him/her, the quality time feeling each other’s warmth, is just incomparable.

That is why I respect people who are in long distance relationships and keeping it strong. Hats off to you guys. I hope that soon, that distance will be obliterated for you happy-ever-after to be realized.


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