FeelsBlog: Beginner’Guide: Love and Other Chemical Reactions by Six De Los Reyes

I bought this book during the #AprilFeelsDay.

Yes, I know. Took me almost seven months before I read it? Trust me I have more books sitting on my shelf for more than a year, begging to be read. Soon my dears, soon.

So, when I brought this baby home, my Ate who was reviewing for the Physician’s Licensure Exam, was looking for a good read that’s not medical-related. I lent her my copy of the Beginner’s Guide.

But a few weeks later, she was holding a different book. I thought she had finished reading the BG. But she said the Beginner’s Guide was not her thing. I wondered why and parked the book on my shelf  while I finished reading other stories.

And then the #romancelass feed buzzed with Tweet links referring to BG—international authors picking it up and loving it!

I was intrigued so I decided to read it too.

My first reaction was that the formatting looked weird. I thought it was a printing error at first. But as I read through, I was confused because it appeared like I was reading a thesis of some sort.

Let me just share that after graduating from college, I stayed away from anything academic. I believed that I had already given my all when I was a student. I didn’t want to go through it again.

Reading the first parts of the Beginner’s Guide made me feel like I was reading a Science book so I put it down the second time.

Like the other TBR books, BG sat quietly in my shelf, collecting dust. Until after the #FeelsFest and I couldn’t take it anymore I made a resolve to read it over the long weekend.

It was one of the wisest decisions I’d made in my life as a reader. My only regret was putting reading Kaya’s story on hold. But like they say, there’s a perfect time to read certain books. It appeared that Halloween was the time for me to meet Kaya and the gang.

The dragging feeling in the first few chapters was still there though. But I plowed through. And somehow, reading about Kaya’s struggles every single event her family holds made me want to understand her more, give her a chance to show her world to me.

Two of the characters that I loved on the story would be Kaya’s father and grandfather. I felt like they were the only ones in her family who were genuinely concerned about her singleness without being annoying. And their pieces of advice were always spot on.

Since this is a romance novel, I looked for possible love triangles. Thanks to Twitter, I had been spoiled of who the Love Interest was. But who didn’t want a complicated love story right? And this book had that. Not the love triangle but an unexpected complication.

At first, I  thought Eugene had a thing for Kaya. But I didn’t feel that throughout the story. He stayed true to his role as a supportive and reliable best friend. Even gathering the ‘participants’ for Kaya’s The Boyfriend Experiment. He didn’t pose any threat.

But Nero. Consider it love at first read. There was the undeniable sparks. And his lines were breaths of fresh air from the nasal-menstruation-inducing scientific terms that Kaya and her peeps always spoke of. I have to admit, half of the time, my head swam from the theories and jargon and I depended on Nero, like a lifeline, so I could finish the book without fainting from blood-loss, hahaha.

That was where I began spazzing over Twitter (Sorry Six hahaha).

For research. For science. Yes, out loud. Talk nerdy to me.

These became cute pick-up lines as I read through. Guys could learn from Nero haha. All throughout I was giggling at Kaya’s naivete, gushing over Nero’s subtle galawang breezy. And then that happened in In Labs that ruined the moment and I was like: Kaya, why oh why?

Then again, if that didn’t happen, these beautiful lines would never be read. And she wouldn’t realize her true feelings for Nero.

When I finished reading with a satisfied smile, I remembered my roommate in college. She reminded me of Kaya—her life revolved around studying. The only socialization she attended were events held by our provincial organization and the occasional movie nights with housemates and orgmates. Other than that, it was her and her books and the calculator. She had driven away a guy who had given her a bouquet of roses too. She told me she didn’t have time to fool around. She even said she’s willing to study for the rest of her life.

Maybe I’ll give her a copy of the Beginner’s Guide and hopefully, like Kaya, she could give love a chance.


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